WTR-TV (Watch the Reef TV)

Coming Soon to the Navarre Beach Marine Park!

Exhibit Concept 

- High Definition Underwater Video Feed and Real-Time Data Collection

Did you know that there are octopuses (or octopi, if your prefer), damsels, blennies, and even the occasional sea turtle visiting the Navarre Beach gulf side reefs? Do you want to learn to learn more about the reefs that are located within our park? Check out what the WTR- TV will offer! A high-definition video feed underwater camera and data collection device will provide you and others checking out our website the incredible opportunity to view what is going on below the surface.

Visitors are not the only ones who will enjoy the WTR-TV. Students, scientists, and conservationists will have access to video feeds and real-time data to utilize. The WTR-TV, using a Blue Eyes™ live underwater camera and Ocean Classroom curriculum will provide our students with a lens into the ocean.

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