The Navarre Beach Marine Science Station is an award winning marine station located at the Navarre Beach Park in Santa Rosa County, Florida. It is home to passionate students and highly qualified Santa Rosa County School District educators who both study and teach about Florida’s amazing Gulf-coast ecosystems.

We are excited to now offer birthday parties.

What better way to spend your birthday than with a bunch of friends who are as excited about the ocean as you are? Join us for a two hour hands-on themed party (Shark Frenzy or Under the Sea) which will include three of the following activities:

  • Shark tooth dig and necklaces
  • Touch Tank Encounter
  • Kayaking (age 8 and up)
  • Fishing / Field Studies
  • Sea Turtle Relays
  • Puppet Show

Cost: $350 for 15 students (NBMSS staff, site, and activities only) $10 each additional child. 20 children max.

$450 and we provide all of the above plus a special cake, drinks, and awesome goody bags. $10 each additional child

Check for availability by contacting us at

As our programs grow, Sundays will be available for birthday parties.